DocAuto introduces WorkSite exporter version 5.0
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DocAuto logoDocAuto Inc., leading developers of applications for the HP Autonomy iManage WorkSite platform, announced the newest release of the popular WorkSite Exporter application, which now includes a stand-alone Exporter application.  WorkSite Exporter safely handles the task of exporting WorkSite documents and structures, and their security, history, and metadata.  

Whether dictated by mergers and acquisitions, employee exit policies, off-line archiving, e-discovery, or other use cases, the ability to effectively execute these tasks as a DeskSite or FileSite add-in has consistently provided fast and easy performance throughout.  With the addition of the stand-alone WorkSite Exporter, users can now take advantage of new and different ways to automate the exporting process, giving them the ability to satisfy any unique WorkSite exporting need in the most efficient way possible.

The WorkSite Exporter Command Line Utility (“WSEXPCL “) is a stand-alone executable application that can run exports without using DeskSite or FileSite, and can be used in conjunction with the DocAuto Server platform to run as a data-driven service.  WSEXPCL quickly exports content and reproduces organizational structures to a specified location using any combination of pre-set configuration and/or data driven queries.  Exports can be automated to run on schedules or be chained from other DocAuto Server Module jobs in order to perform exports as part of a workflow process.  Each export can also notify predetermined users when the job has completed.  Integration capabilities have expanded to multiple types of external applications including web services, SQL triggers, PowerShell scripts, and much more.

Key Features

  • Differential capabilities allow for fastest possible export of large WorkSpaces, only exporting new or changed content.  
  • Exportation of everything from one or more WorkSpaces or folders  in both matter centric and non-matter centric systems
  • Preservation, creation, or enhancement of the organizational structures of exported content 
  • Creation of comprehensive log files for all content and structures exported, including all metadata, security, and history values, with user-specified data fields
  • Ability to check out WorkSite documents as part of the export process
  • Filters to export only documents that meet certain criteria
  • “Configuration Files”  that allow users to save and load different export configurations
  • E-mail notifications when exports are complete



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