Evisort Introduces the First-ever Intelligent Dashboarding that Automatically Visualizes Data
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Evisort logoEvisort, the leading provider of contract management and AI solutions, today announced a major new addition to its Contract Intelligence Platform with the launch of the revolutionary Intelligent Dashboarding, the first-ever self-populating dashboards that instantly visualize contract data and summarize key metrics without manual data entry. 

Evisort has also added new collaboration and negotiation tools including In-app Redlining and an enhanced Salesforce integration that further streamlines its contract lifecycle management (CLM) capabilities.  Evisort’s Contract Intelligence Platform is the first and only product suite to integrate contract analytics, lifecycle management, and a central repository in one end-to-end platform that can be implemented in fewer than 30 days.  

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Intelligent Dashboarding

With Intelligent Dashboarding, legal and business leaders can rely on data to answer questions from executives and board members about contracts, including the number of unsigned agreements and deal cycle times. Evisort clients now have the ability to share accurate and powerful charts that precisely drill down into information that quickly and confidently answers business questions, quantifies their team’s productivity, and identifies bottlenecks in their workflow processes. 

Intelligent Dashboarding delivers an out-of-the-box set of visualization and reporting tools built on top of Evisort’s AI-powered contract analytics. This enables businesses to quickly assess the quantity and types of contracts they have, with whom, what’s in them, and how effective their workflows are - all from one single set of dashboards without the need for manual data entry, migration, or IT involvement. 


“Evisort’s artificial intelligence quickly and accurately turns contracts into searchable data and tracks key info, dates, and clauses without manual data entry. Intelligent Dashboarding now automatically aggregates and visualizes that data across all of a business’s teams and contracts,” said Jerry Ting, CEO and Co-Founder of Evisort. “You can ingest 10,000 contracts into Evisort on Monday and walk into a board meeting on Tuesday with interactive dashboards that can show you how many vendor contracts you have, how many are executed, then drill into which of them have governing law in California, and when you have to issue notices for upcoming expirations and renewals.” 

New Negotiation and Collaboration tools in Evisort

While dashboards and analytics help identify best practices and bottlenecks in existing contracts and workflow processes, Evisort’s new In-app Redlining tools help streamline negotiation and collaboration. Evisort’s In-app Redlining is fully integrated into its Contract Intelligence Platform and works exactly like Microsoft Word, eliminating the need to download documents and lengthy email chains.  


Enhanced Salesforce Integration

Evisort is enhancing its integration with Salesforce to further accelerate deal cycle times and make it easy for sales reps to submit contract requests, start the deal approval process, monitor the contract status, and view key metadata without leaving their CRM. 


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