Casepoint Continues Innovation Surge, Strengthening Its Legal Discovery Platform
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Casepoint logoCasepoint, a leader in cloud-based legal technology solutions, today announced it has expanded its legal hold capabilities and augmented powerful new collection and preservation capabilities to its end-to-end Legal Discovery platform.

With Casepoint, customers can manage and monitor the entire discovery process—from legal hold to review—within its unified and powerful platform, eliminating the need to log in and out of other applications or manually transfer files as data is preserved, collected, processed, analyzed, and reviewed for potential review.

The addition of these innovative capabilities to Casepoint's Legal Discovery platform allows organizations to increase efficiency and reduce the cost, time, and complexity of implementing legal holds and preparing data for review. For example, users can leverage Casepoint's expanded legal hold features to view custodian logs and record which data is on hold and what has been collected for specific custodians. Then, by leveraging the eDiscovery application, preserved data can be processed, analyzed, and reviewed.

Within a unified, easily configurable, and intuitive interface designed for more efficient workflows across roles and departments, Casepoint Legal Discovery now:

  • Records, preserves, and tracks the details and lifecycles of all holds
  • Automates notification of all potential data custodians
  • Provides customizable email templates linking notification responses directly to a collection log via smart fields
  • Allows mass uploads of custodians who match input criteria to a specific hold record
  • Automatically absorbs individual custodian-level information into the collection log
  • Includes advanced search and filtering tools

The pandemic further accelerated the adoption of cloud and collaboration applications. To help its customers effectively and efficiently manage legal discovery of cloud and collaboration solutions, Casepoint customers can now collect data from Casepoint's large and diverse application ecosystem, including leading enterprise cloud and collaboration applications such as Microsoft 365, One Drive, Box, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Vault, Slack, Slack Enterprise, and more.

In addition, Casepoint further expanded its robust processing capabilities. Casepoint Intelligent Processing is smart and dynamic, unlike most alternatives. It intelligently probes various file types for any errors or issues and presents them to users to make informed decisions. Each year, organizations end up wasting millions of dollars troubleshooting problems within data because the processing engine they use is not capable of proactively identifying such issues. Casepoint Intelligent Processing tackles these challenges head-on. This innovative capability enables customers to produce the highest quality data at blazing speed saving critical time and alleviating the reproductions and claw-back challenges. It's fast, accurate, and intelligent.

Casepoint Legal Discovery's expanded capabilities allow users from different departments to collaborate securely with role-based security and permission settings, leading to faster defensible holds and collections. As a result, organizations can act more quickly, easily connect to and upload data from cloud repositories, and start reviewing faster.

"Legal hold is one of the most complex areas of the eDiscovery process, particularly in today's remote work environment where there are massive amounts of distributed information that needs to be tracked, managed, and monitored," said Vipul Rajpara, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. "Given the growing number of pre-litigation triggers, it's essential to make this process more user-friendly and efficient. The expansion of Casepoint Legal Discovery's integrated legal hold solution gives customers a significantly streamlined and flexible pathway to meet these challenges."

As new data sources increase the complexity, risk, time, and cost of legal discovery, Casepoint continues to deliver innovations that help customers efficiently and effectively manage their litigation, investigation, and compliance needs.


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