Develawpers launches: the European community for coding lawyers
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Developers logoWhat is the real scope of programming in the world of the legal professions? Are there any practical use cases? Develawpers, the first Community for coding lawyers, is trying to answer these and other questions.

It was born from the idea of three legal professionals (Simone Cedrola, Giacomo Bertelli and Giulio Messori) who have always been interested in coding. 

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"Technology should not be perceived as a threat to the legal profession, but as an opportunity to be seized that can allow, especially for younger professionals, to take advantage of innovative tools that can enhance creativity and logic" - says Giacomo Bertelli, co-founder of Develawpers - "Programming is fully entitled among these tools and can allow the lawyer to adopt solutions immediately operational and effective.

One of the ambitious initiatives carried out by Develawpers, in fact, is the creation of an Open Coding Library for Lawyers: a collection of practical examples (code tricks) dedicated to automation and programming in the legal world made available by lawyer interested in sharing their creations with the community in order to encourage the adoption of code in the legal profession. 

"Looking around, we realised that there were no real repositories, first Italian and then European, dedicated to the collection and application of coding cases in law. We wanted to study some of them ourselves," says Giulio Messori, co-founder of Develawpers and CEO of Sweet Legal Tech, a company dedicated to digitising the processes of law firms and legal offices, - "Furthermore, it's a matter of forma mentis. The mental associations needed to learn law are no different from the 'for' and 'if...else' cycles of the most common programming languages. Mixing in other branches of science opens the mind, helps one to be a better jurist".


The Open Coding Library for Lawyers is an open project in which everyone can take part as  Develaw-peers and contribute to the growth of the community, becausethe aim of Develawpers is to fill the gap between law and programming.

"Learning to program for a lawyer could lead to the automation of many repetitive and boring tasks, allowing them to streamline workflows, save time and make their work more efficient," says Simone Cedrola, co-founder of Develawpers. "In addition, being able to rely on the automation of certain processes would allow professionals to focus their energies and resources on more complex projects that deserve more in-depth analysis.

The library created by the three founders and Biagio Distefano, Tech Expert at Develawpers and PhD Candidate at Law Science and Technology Joint Doctorate - RioE, counts about ten cases, mostly in Python language, such as "How to automate the sending of standard emails for your legal assistance in HTML"; "How to automate the activity of a treatment activity log" up to cases closer to real everyday lives: "How to calculate compensation for train delays" or "How to calculate administrative penalties depending on your blood alcohol level".


Develawpers has recently made available on its website a "Resources" section, in which some materials have been selected for those who want to approach coding. 

The Develawpers website is accessible here and the call for new Develawpeers is always open. 






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