DISCO Updates Analytics Suite with New Cross-Matter Artificial Intelligence
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CS Disco logoLegal technology leader DISCO today announced a significant update to DISCO Analytics Suite that transforms how artificial intelligence (AI) can be leveraged across all of an organization’s cases.

DISCO Analytics Suite now includes cross-matter AI, which empowers legal teams to leverage all of their work product from past and ongoing matters at the start of every new case.  

Previously, AI models were case-specific, with learnings and predictions built on how documents were tagged in a single matter. With each new case, legal teams were forced to tag documents and build new models from scratch. 

With DISCO’s cross-matter AI, organizations can now import AI models at the beginning of every case that are powered by the tagging decisions of previous matters. As teams use these models, tagging signals are fed back into the parent models to make them increasingly more accurate. This bidirectional learning dramatically increases review accuracy and makes the discovery process faster and more efficient.


The DISCO Analytics Suite is designed to give lawyers and legal teams the tools to quickly and easily make sense of large volumes of data, find critical documents, and eliminate irrelevant documents from review. Key features within in the suite include:

  • Interactive data visualization
  • DISCO AI tag predictions (including non-English languages)
  • Predictive visualization
  • Predictive quality control
  • Similar documents with real-time adjustable threshold
  • Email threading
  • Inclusive-email detection
  • Produced-email analytics 
  • Email communication analysis
  • Domain analysis
  • Automatic language detection

Legal IT Today #28

“AI and machine learning are transforming the practice of law — but until today, that transformation has been on a matter-by-matter basis,” said Keith Zoellner, DISCO chief technology officer. “Now, legal teams can apply the power of AI fueled by millions of documents across hundreds of matters before a single document in a new case has been tagged. DISCO is truly enabling legal teams to leverage AI to find the most accurate and relevant information for a case faster, and resolve their cases sooner.”


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