Lexis® for Microsoft Office® wins Best New Product & Product Innovation in 2014 Australian Business Awards
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LexisNexis logoServing one of the most understated yet critical parts of a lawyers day – drafting -  LexisNexis and Microsoft have teamed up to create Lexis® for Microsoft Office®, an innovative drafting tool that has been awarded Best New Product and has also won the Product Innovation category in The Australian Business Awards 2014.

Lexis for Microsoft Office allows lawyers to find, analyse, and act upon validated legal content without having to leave their email or Microsoft Word™ documents with international results showing legal practitioners can validate citations up to 32 per cent faster and find background information up to 19 per cent faster* using this tool.

“We believe Lexis for Microsoft Office will transform the way Australian lawyers work increasing efficiency, productivity and accuracy, thus enabling lawyers to focus on what is important – delivering sound legal guidance, representation and building a strong reputation”, says Dr Marc K Peter, Chief Operating Officer at LexisNexis Pacific.

Using Lexis for Microsoft Office, lawyers can access important information from LexisNexis services, the internet and designated corporate files as needed with the click of a button while still working in their documents.

“We have been listening and working with lawyers for years and understand drafting as a big part of a lawyers day and recognise the opportunity for advances and gains in efficiency by applying practical and easy to use innovation combined with the highest quality reference content.

“With Lexis for Microsoft Office, the spearhead to our comprehensive drafting solution suite, lawyers can construct documents faster without compromising quality and in seconds analyse and deconstruct opposing counsel documents – something we know our Barrister and Litigation customers have benefited from immensely,” continues Dr Peter.

He explains: "With the increasing importance for law firms to make effective decisions and draft high quality documents quickly and cost effectively, Lexis for Microsoft Office provides a powerful new tool in our Drafting solution suite for legal professionals to access their information through a familiar, easy-to-use and integrated environment”.


Lexis for Microsoft Office adds value to traditional drafting activity by providing intuitive capabilities to validate the quality of legal references, resulting in a reduction in the time taken to draft documents whilst ensuring consistency and sound legal references.

“The benefits of Lexis for Microsoft Office extend to supporting practitioners and their teams to work accurately, consistently and faster, with collaboration and organising features such as allowing for easy ‘in document pinning’ of relevant links and research to their documents so they can access their notes and LexisNexis content associated with the document.  They no longer need to leave the document to access legal research sources for validation, or carry the traditional stack of notes and books,” he adds.

How it Works

While reviewing a Word document or Microsoft Outlook® e-mail message, users can access content and resources from LexisNexis, the internet, or their corporate files. Just some of the key features are such as:

  • Background - The powerful analytics software detects case and legislation names and citations, legal terms and phrases, entities such as company names and presents results in a an easy to recognize format whilst integrating the power of the CaseBase Signal indicators along with the analysis.  Simply click on a detected item to have the world of LexisNexis and the web present the related information, including full cases or Acts in a right hand pane whilst remaining in the document and keeping you in the drafting concentration zone.
  • PDF Import – integrates a marketing leading pdf scanning software to enable complex documents delivered in PDF to be delivered to you in MS Word format for your review and editing activity.
  • Search - A single useful search box delivering one-click access to the vast collection of legal content from LexisNexis, the internet and the user's internal company information database.
  • Check Cited Docs - With one click consolidate all cited references into one easy to review report enabling the ability to focus in on only those citations that need your attention.

To access and use these capabilities, users will require a current CaseBase subscription.


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